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Fireworks in the Land of the Rising Sun

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The land of cherry blossoms, hanabi and wari-mono, and in April 2017 you will be able to see them all.

Join us for a return visit to Japan to the city of Omagari, home of 5 fireworks manufacturers and the National Fireworks Competition where each year 28 firework companies compete for the Prime Minister's Prize and it attracts over 700,000 spectators. 2017 will be the 108th year since the competiton began in 1910.

Fireworks play an important role in Omagari society as shown by their catch-phrase "Fireworks Everyday".

Experience everything that Japan has to offer along with your peers from the world of fireworks for one incredible week, a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Below, see the video presentation made by the Omagari delegation to the 15th Symposium in Bordeaux in September.

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Past Symposia

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