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Omagari and Akita

Hotel Room Availability Report (Feb. 7, 2017)

(We will be getting updated reports regularly which you may find helpful when you are booking rooms. We'll post them here.)

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Where to stay

All events take place in the city of Omagari, however as in Bordeaux there is not a large convention hotel with the facilities to host both the events and a large number of attendees so we must use a number of hotels both in Omagari and in the nearby city of Akita.

In Omagari there are several hotels to choose from. They are not large international hotels but are Japanese business class hotels. For what to expect in a business class hotel in Japan please review the information on this site.

Akita is the capital city of Akita Prefecture and has a number of larger hotels to choose from. The Japan Host Committee will provide shuttle service from hotels to and from the Omagari Convention Centre each day for those attendees that wish to stay in Akita. It is approximately 50 minutes by car.

The Symposium has rooms booked at chosen hotels in both cities and any of these hotels may be booked through a central reservation service:

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing accommodation in either city; it is a personal choice. But to avoid disappointment please review the options carefully before deciding. A few of the differences are:

Omagari Pros

  • The entire town of Omagari is really excited about the Symposium coming to them and you will find fireworks motifs everywhere you look. It is a unique experience to spend a week in a rural Japanese town surrounded by Japanese agriculture.

  • You know you are in Omagari when you see
    a display like this in the lobby of your hotel!
    Hotels are very close to the Convention Centre where everything takes place. Some are within walking distance so virtually no travel time. If you wish to go back to your hotel during the day this can be done. Shuttle service will be provided.
  • Everything is fairly central and walkable.
  • A large modern shopping centre is nearby with a large foodcourt.
  • Evening events take place in Omagari so you can be in your hotel or out for a late dinner immediately after the fireworks each evening.

Omagari Cons

Hotels are business class hotels with smaller rooms and less facilities. Breakfast is usually the only meal served and most do not have a bar or lounge. Service in English is usually not a problem, although it may be limited.

English interactions with locals will be limited but the Host Committee has prepared a detailed sheet for pointing communication.

Not as many foreign food restaurants, chain restaurants and bars as Akita.

Akita Pros

  • Hotels are larger with more facilities, several with full service restaurants, bar and lounges.
  • There are twice as many hotels available in Akita but only 2 or 3 have more services than the business class hotels. Service in English will be reasonable but likely not any better than Omagari.
  • Larger city with more nightlife and restaurants to choose from.

Akita Cons

  • Travel time to and from Omagari each day, approximately 50 minutes each way with shuttle service provided. There is good train service to Omagari if you choose not to use the shuttle option:
    • Shinkansen: ¥2,470-, travel time 30 min. every hour
    • Local train: ¥970-, travel time 50 min. every hour
  • Inability to return to your hotel room during the day.